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Sangheili Touch
Touch is very important to the Sangheili, as is evidenced by the fact that they despise being touched by Humans. However, it is just the opposite when it comes to family members.
  Nuzzles are an example. They are common amongst friends and family, a somewhat universal gesture. The most intimate form of the nuzzle is when two Sangheili rub their mandibles together; this is mostly done between lovers, but can also be done between parent and child or between long-time friends. An example of the latter is if two friends have not seen each other for a long time; they will rub mandibles together to re-familiarize themselves with the other's scent, put their own scent on the other, and reaffirm their bond.
  Nips can mean a variety of things. They can mean 'get moving', 'stop that', serve as a reprimand, and even be sensual. The most common places for nips are the back or nape of the neck. Most often, as suggested, nips hold an aggressive meaning, and they ar
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Rescue: Part Two
  Morning...It was morning already...No, no! It couldn't be; she wanted to sleep longer...She had actually managed to sleep for once, too exhausted to remember if she had nightmares or not. Wait...It was too bright. Tsula slowly rubbed her eyes free of sleep and opened them, blue-and-brown orbs looking to the sky as she forced herself to lift her head. It seemed so heavy...
  The sun was right above her; noon.
  She had slept most of the day away, not that it mattered. Tsula coughed loudly, her entire body convulsing. She could feel it almost reverberating in her chest, throughout her lungs and even echoing off her bones somehow. That was the only way she could describe it. Tossing off the shredded cloth she used as a blanket, she placed a hand on the wall to her right to support herself as she rose. She didn't even bother to stretch; she was so thin, there wasn't really anything worth stretching. Her body had consumed almost everything it could, wh
:icontsulasalali:TsulaSalali 4 3
Rescue: Part One
  "Of course…I will see you soon, brother." Zaito said, gripping Valik's shoulder. Both nodded to each other before Zaito turned his back and hopped up into his Zalmora Storm Rider RX. It was a sleek aerial vehicle that was meant to withstand harsh desert weather and even act as a stealth vehicle. Zaito liked it more for its appearance and how quietly it ran more than anything, however. Zaito sighed as the seatbelts automatically strapped over his chest and the Rider's thrusters flared to life. He was careful not to fly too quickly; the Rider, while incredibly useful and swift, was not meant to go more than 20 feet off the ground. To add to it, he had to pass through a small city that Valik's keep overlooked; numerous vendors lined the streets, and he did not want to cause any damage to their stalls or merchandise. The State of 'Atorruk truly was beautiful, in the way that it was full of cities and towns…but Zaito had no time to enjoy its classic structures. He was-
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Sangheili Head Peace Councilor
United States
Current Residence: Sanghelios
Favourite genre of music: It's not really the genre as it is the song. :3
Shell of choice: Unggoy remind me of turtles...
Skin of choice: ...No thanks, I don't eat flesh. You're thinking of the Jiralhanae. >.>"
Favourite cartoon character: ...No one from Halo Legends. (Anime, I know, but w/e.)
Personal Quote: "...I need a lullaby...Could you sing to me...please?"


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